Identifying Pipelines

The pipeline right-of-way must be kept clear of any buildings, structures, trees, shrubs, excess vegetation, fence posts, electric / telephone poles, or other encroachments which might damage and restrict access to the pipeline. The right-of-way protects the public and the pipeline. If you notice any possible encroachments to MarkWest pipeline right-of-way, or if you need to install a structure near the right-of-way, please call the state One-Call Centers.

National Call Before You Dig Number 811
Kentucky (800) 752-6007
West Virginia (800) 245-4848
Michigan (800) 482-7171
New Mexico (800) 321-ALERT
Ohio (855) 878-4859
Oklahoma (800) 522-6543
Texas (800) 245-4545
Pennsylvania (800) 242-1776

Pipeline markers are located along the right-of-way to help identify the approximate location of the pipeline. MarkWest pipeline markers list the commodity transported and the 24-hour telephone number where a person monitoring our pipeline can be reached at any time.

Pipeline Markers

If you know of a damaged or missing pipeline marker, or have seen someone damage / vandalize our markers, please report it to MarkWest.

MarkWest Emergency Numbers by State
Kentucky (877) 675-9378
Michigan (866) 342-6914
New Mexico (800) 852-9225
Ohio (855) 878-4859
Oklahoma (800) 852-9225
Pennsylvania (866) 342-6914
Texas (East Texas) (800) 677-6360
Texas (Pinnacle) (800) 852-9225
West Virginia (877) 675-9378

It's against the law for any person to willfully and knowingly deface, damage, remove, or destroy any pipeline sign
or right-of-way marker.