How to Handle an Emergency


Pipeline markers and signage within the right-of-way identify MarkWest pipeline systems. The following items may indicate a Natural Gas or Natural Gas Liquid leak or failure:

  • Liquid and/or gas escaping from the pipeline
  • Hissing or spewing sound
  • Fire at or near the pipeline
  • Any naturally occurring event that may involve the pipeline right-of-way such as soil movement or significant erosion
  • Items specific to Natural Gas (e.g., a "rotten egg" odor)
  • Items specific to Natural Gas Liquids (e.g., distinct hydrocarbon odor, flow of liquid product, a low lying fog-like vapor or an apparent frozen area on or near the pipeline)

Reporting of Emergencies

  • Dial 911
  • Contact MarkWest
MarkWest Emergency Numbers by State
Kentucky (877) 675-9378
New Mexico (800) 852-9225
Ohio (855) 878-4859
Oklahoma (800) 852-9225
Pennsylvania (866) 342-6914
Texas (East Texas) (800) 677-6360
Texas (Pinnacle) (800) 852-9225
West Virginia (877) 675-9378

Actions If a Pipeline Incident Occurs

General Public and Excavators

  • Immediately leave the area, on foot in an upwind direction
  • Avoid making contact with escaping liquids or vapors
  • Avoid possible ignition sources
  • Abandon all equipment being used in the area
  • Do not drive into the area (where the leak or vapor cloud is located)
  • Do not light a match, start an engine or automobile, use a telephone, or switch on/off an electric light
  • Warn others to stay away from the area
  • Do not try to operate any pipeline valves yourself
  • Do not use a cell phone while near the suspected emergency area
  • From a safe distance dial 911 and call the MarkWest 24-hour emergency number

Public Officials and Emergency Responders

  • Evacuate people (homes, businesses, schools... etc.) to an upwind area
  • Secure area around the leak
  • If the pipeline leak is not burning, take steps to prevent ignition by prohibiting smoking, rerouting traffic, and/or shutting off electricity and residential gas/liquid supply
  • If the pipeline is burning, take steps to prevent secondary fires, but do not attempt to extinguish a pipeline fire unless asked to do so by MarkWest
  • Do not try to operate any pipeline valves yourself (unless directed by MarkWest)
  • Call the MarkWest 24-hour emergency number as soon as possible
  • Administer medical treatment and request additional emergency response assistance as necessary