Digging Near a Pipe

MarkWest needs help to prevent pipeline emergencies. The primary cause of pipeline leaks is damage occurring from construction related activity.  If you are working around our equipment:

  • Contact the One-Call Center and/or MarkWest at least two days before planned work activity
National Call Before You Dig Number 811  
Kentucky (800) 752-6007
West Virginia (800) 245-4848
Michigan (800) 482-7171
New Mexico (800) 321-ALERT
Ohio (855) 878-4859
Oklahoma (800) 522-6543
Texas (800) 245-4545
Pennsylvania (800) 242-1776
  • Do not make unauthorized use of a right-of-way
  • Do not disturb the ground until the pipeline is marked
  • Abide by all location markers and instructions provided by the MarkWest representatives
  • Carefully hand dig and probe until the pipeline is exposed
  • Do not use power equipment around the pipeline
  • When backfilling, provide proper support for pipelines and ensure adequate soil cover on top and use suitable rock-free material to avoid damage to line coating
  • If the pipeline is damaged or poses a threat to the public, immediately leave the area
    • When you reach a safe area, call the MarkWest 24-hour emergency number and dial 911
MarkWest Emergency Numbers by State
Kentucky (877) 675-9378
Michigan (866) 342-6914
New Mexico (800) 852-9225
Ohio (855) 878-4859
Oklahoma (800) 852-9225
Pennsylvania (866) 342-6914
Texas (East Texas) (800) 677-6360
Texas (Javelina) (361) 289-4777
Texas (Pinnacle) (800) 852-9225
West Virginia (877) 675-9378